Transforming construction with one ridiculously smart tool.

Construction's Transformation Starts with Planning

Building Catalyst transforms construction through a powerful knowledge system starting with facility planning. You can now model and know the likely outcomes of a facility’s program, scope, schedule and/or costs – well before investing in design.

Make the highest impact decisions based on reliable knowledge derived from the market averages, or actual real-world projects that you have access to. Not only that but now you can easily develop your own integrated planning to production system - to plan, program, budget and guide the design to successful results. As shown in this adaption of the MacLeamy curve, a huge void is filled – where too many projects get off to a bad start – for lack of knowledge.

Accomplish these features in a fraction of the time and effort, that is typically needed using manual and spreadsheet-oriented processes:

  • Rapidly model a whole facility’s program, scope, schedule and cost based on a market-average or your own project history.
  • Prototype and compare several options based on different combinations of functions, sites, numbers of floors, quality standards, and many other attributes.
  • Fine tune the market average predictions based on your own completed real-world projects, and special studies of significant issue and opportunities.
  • Choose, within the range of predicted outcomes, what the owner's budget allows. Be equipped with the means to steer the project outcomes to that budget.

Want to explore further? This Overview shows you how projects are created, defined, and reported in Building Catalyst.