Terms of Use

The Building CATALYST planning and analysis tool appearing on this web site is provided to its users to help model, analyze, and track a prospective project’s program, scope and costs. The Building Catalyst Baseline defaults are intended to predict the results within a statistical range of variation. For more informed prediction of outcomes, subscribers will need to record actual completed projects, and use those projects as benchmarks to help form an opinion of outcomes for prospective projects. Any contract determination of a building’s program, scope and cost is to be evaluated and established by appropriate construction industry professionals. Use of this site does not imply endorsement by Performance Building Systems or Building CATALYST, LLC to any output generated from the use this tool. The Current Basis of Results (click here) provides the appropriate understanding of the results, and means of testing those results. Performance Building Systems or Building Catalyst LLC make no claims apart from, and assume no liability with respect to the use of, or for damages resulting from the use of, the information produced by the Building Catalyst.

Each user account is to be used by no more than one person for purposes of adding or editing project information. Subscriber agrees that its users will not allow others to use their account.

If the subscriber is dissatisfied with Building CATALYST, it may, with 7 days written notice terminate its subscription and be refunded the unused time remaining upon the subscription.