Building CATALYST Advances High Performance and Production

Construction operations have been unable to capture actual, meaningful, project data and other information. This dilemma makes it nearly impossible for preconstruction professionals to reliably predict outcomes on new projects and help steer the design to optimized results.

Likewise, there has been no way to measure or evaluate the actual impact of BIM, VDC, lean, IPD, or other process improvements. This is why construction costs continue to rise two to three times faster than the national rate of inflation.

The fragmentation that plagues the building process across organizations – wreaks the same havoc within construction companies – from planning to estimating to contracting to job cost. Organizational integration starts with an integrated knowledge system – from end to end.

Building CATALYST solves this dilemma with a system – a catalyst for construction companies to become fine-tuned, high-performance building producers. Data studies show that from a nucleus of critical data, building outcomes can be predicted within a tight range of variation. This data and knowledge breakthrough enable building teams to implement and test process improvements. See our Innovate page to learn more.

Get started by working with us to restructure your organization around the nucleus of critical data. Build a simple and automated system that makes it easy for your project managers to capture direct cost data from subcontractors, vendors, and job cost.

Want to explore more? This Overview shows you how projects are created, defined, and reported in Building CATALYST.