Building CATALYST exists to make better buildings and to make the building process more enjoyable and rewarding.

CATALYST is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that applies hard data science and measurable process improvement to eliminate tedius and wasteful effort, starting in the earliest project stages. CATALYST automates the planning and cost management process through simplification, organization, standardization and integration. 

Building CATALYST co-founders are Bruce Carlson, Scott Jasperse, and Mark Sands. Mark is an engineer and data scientist with over forty years of construction experience. Bruce and Scott are full stack software engineers.


The Building CATALYST vision grew out of an industrialized construction invention by Steelcase (called Workstage), together with the study of W. Edwards Deming. Deming is credited with the transformation of manufacturing starting in Post World War II Japan. The original, and still valid, vision for Building CATALYST is to apply the Deming management philosophy throughout the planning, design, procurement, construction and operation stagees. We recently decided to focus this Building CATALYST site and software on improving and automating the planning, programming and cost management. Theres another initiatiative to apply the Deming management philosophy to the whole facility lifecycle. The upcoming Win-Win.Build site will presents this bigger story.