Buildings cost too much and take too long to produce

Construction may be broken, but not beyond repair

Building owners pay excessively in time and money because of fragmentation and mis-aligned contracting structures. The problem is enormous. No single solution can match its magnitude. Building CATALYST offers a starting point – bringing integration, automation, and greater certainty of outcomes.

First, CATALYST replaces construction’s manual and fragmented data and technology approaches with an integrated system – starting in the planning stages. Second, CATALYST enables the realignment of contracts by rewarding productivity and value improvement while penalizing waste.

What is Building CATALYST?

Building CATALYST is the only computer application that integrates the owner’s business case with a facility’s planning, programming, design, scheduling, and cost management. It does so by establishing a network of cause-and-effect relationships and placing them into a sophisticated data processing system. With good data, CATALYST reliably predicts project outcomes before investing in programming or design, and then helps steer and optimize results throughout the project life cycle.

Construction has never operated as a system but, as with any economic sector, must do so to be effective and to achieve measurable improvement.

Building CATALYST provides an easy-to-use, menu-driven computing process to predict a facility’s space program, building and site parameters, schedule, and costs more reliably and impartially. In real-time, the owner’s team can evaluate a variety of alternative building solutions or scenarios. The results are displayed at a high-level statistical scenario-by-scenario comparison, or a detailed analysis of the cost components by department as shown here.

What's the basis for predicting outcomes?

Building CATALYST has proven a reliable and impartial knowledge resource because of its big data processing capability. Currently, there are over 500 real-world projects in the data base, from mostly ENR top 100 builders, across 42 states. From dozens of these projects, CATALYST performs deep data analysis to validate and calibrate predictions.

Data is entered into the CATALYST database and anonymously aggregated with other projects to establish the market average predictions. This is the secret to impartial valuation of facility scope and cost which, in turn, is the secret to re-aligning compensation to reward value improvement.

Computerized Planning System

Owners have the most to gain from Building CATALYST. Starting in the early planning stages, Building CATALYST Services works directly with owners, or in a strategic relationship with owner representatives and consultants. CATALYST’s integration and automation dramatically reduces waste in time and cost throughout the programming, design, and procurement stages.


Re-aligned Contracting Structures

Owners no longer need builders to establish budgets or set target values. Building CATALYST removes the bias that builders bring to these processes. CATALYST’s impartial value determination enables owners to re-align designer and builder compensation to reward waste removal and improve project value. This creates a win-win for the owner, designer, and builder.


Defragmenting Builder Data and Technology

Builders have much to gain through automation and a re-aligned contracting structure. Currently 90%+ of all labor is considered non-productive – either wasted or supporting effort. Non-productive labor shrinks with automation and reduced rework. This increases the return-on-effort and reduces the demand on the pool of limited professional staff. The first step is to defragment the data and technology processes.