Interested in a tool to better plan, budget, and steer cost?

Building CATALYST computerizes what has always been done manually to plan, budget, and manage cost. With good data, CATALYST reliably models project outcomes at any point throughout preconstruction, and guides users toward optimal results. CATALYST does this by replacing construction's archaic and siloed data structures, standards, and processing approach with a systems approach.

Building CATALYST provides easy-to-use data and information forms to automatically predict a facility's space program, building and site parameters, schedule, and/or costs. You can model and evaluate a variety of alternative building solutions or scenarios with instant results. The results are displayed at a high-level statistical scenario-by-scenario comparison, or a detailed analysis of the cost components by department as shown here.

What is the basis for predicting outcomes?

Building CATALYST is a proven and reliable knowledge resource because of its robust data collection, analysis, and calibration approach. Currently, there are over 600 real-world projects in the database, from mostly ENR top 100 builders.


Would you like to know project outcomes before investing in programming? Would you like to model and compare multiple building solutions to inform the biggest decisions? Would you like an impartial and detailed cost model to compare to other estimates? Would you like a better way to to track and steer the cost at each step? If so, Building CATALYST is the solution for you. We can support you with CATALYST-based Services and/or train you to operate CATALYST on your own.

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CATALYST for Builders

Would you like to improve the accuracy of your conceptual estimates? Would you or your customer like a credible and impartial check estimate? Would you like to be your customers' 1st choice strategic partner for planning and budgeting? Are you interested in automating your preconstruction processes? Are you struggling to find and train good estimators? If any of these are true, Building CATALYST is your solution.

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