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10 Tools-in-One: Continuous Data Integration from Planning to Completion

Building Catalyst brings knowledge-based tools and process innovations to facility planning, preconstruction, procurement and management. Click here, or from the below ten process innovations, to learn more.
Catalyst anonymously pools your critical data and other organization’s data. Catalyst converts this pooled data into a powerful knowledge resource to improve planning, estimating, procurement and project management.

Planning and Modeling

Catalyst predictively models the space program, site and building quantities, schedule and/or construction costs in real-time. It does so starting in the early planning, or at any point throughout the design and procurement stages.

HD Benchmarking

Catalyst provides more accurate, detailed benchmarking derived from your completed real-world projects. It’s high definition because it originates at the most fundamental building blocks – the facility’s functions, and system elements.

Set-based Prototyping

Catalyst provides whole-building prototyping in real time. Inspired by Toyota’s set-based design, Catalyst expands decision making ability to optimize the outcomes of the entire facility, rather than the sum of the parts.

Target Value Setting

Catalyst helps keep budgets and targets from being over or under valued through impartial target modeling and setting. This also helps owners to consider more effective design and delivery methods, and provides a means to assess value derived from them.

Advanced Estimating

Catalyst integrates predictive modeling, with more detailed assembly and component estimating. Each building system can be statistically predicted or deterministically estimated based on the level of design (or lack thereof).

Project Tracking

As the level of development (LOD) progresses, Catalyst provides both statistical and comparative tracking of program, design and cost. This serves as an alert to potential drifting, as well as an early detection of variation from the approved budget or target values.

Comparative Analysis

Catalyst provides in-depth comparison and analysis of the program and design efficiency, as well as cost effectiveness. It does this within the project (set by set) by comparing predicted to estimated/actual results. It also does so across a series of selected benchmark projects.

Continuous Data Integration

Catalyst helps automate the access and exchange of critical data important to key project stakeholders, owner, design, constructor and trade contractors. You no longer need to rely on manual methods that increase error and take unnecessary time to locate and transfer.

Project Center

Catalyst’s Project Center enables your team to readily access and update critical information about the project - including both structured and un-structured data. This dramatically enhances project communication and decision making processes.

Current Facility Categories and Types

Start planning a current or proposed project and/or recording data from your past projects. Note that facility types in all capital letters are ready for modeling new projects. Facilities in lower case letters are ready for historical recording, but not for reliably modeling of new projects.

Data Center

Most new building and space categories and types can be established and made available very fast on our end, given completed real-world project information from which to benchmark, on your end. Please contact us at info@buildingcatalyst.com for more information on this.