Building CATALYST For Builders

Building CATALYST can do in moments what takes planners, architects, and estimators weeks to produce using today’s methods.

Building CATALYST includes these benefits:

  1. Cost certainty – more accurately predict project outcomes with better data resources and processing.
  2. Speed and reduction of effort - dramatically reduce the effort and cycle time between decisions, designs, pricing, and re-pricing.
  3. Cost improvement – know where the cost risks and vulnerabilities reside and be given the time to focus on and mitigate those aspects of the project.
  4. Special Knowledge – bring new insights and analysis of the program and design efficiencies that neither the owner nor the architect could access.
  5. Rapid Prototyping and Comparison – Run (try out) multiple building solutions in order to make better decisions.
  6. Avoid Trade Contractor Bias – Impartial cost modeling provides a more reliable valuation of the direct work.
  7. Win better projects – Demonstrate all the above benefits in the RFP and negotiation process to distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  8. Reduce Stress and Strain – Be freed up and relieved from the tedium and uncertainty that conventional processes pose.

Success with CATALYST depends on good data. We have lots of good data, but the best data comes from you. The problem is that you’ve never been able to capture your data based on the causes that determine outcomes. We want to help bring life to your dead data. The added benefit is that to do so requires transitioning from a siloed to a high-performance, systems-based builder. This article is a good place to start: Why Structured Data? 

Building CATALYST is transformational for planning, programming, and cost management. A decades-long problem persists, however. Architects and builders generate profit based on construction costs and billable hours. Building CATALYST provides the impartial valuation of projects, which enables owners to develop a win-win contracting structure that rewards you and the architect to reduce cost and effort.

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